Learn how to automate anything online with powerful free tools


What will you learn?

Workflow Automation

Master workflow automation to be more productive and automate the boring and mundane.

Save Money

Replace expensive tools such as Zapier and IFTTT with free tools.

Watch the Internet

Learn how to watch the internet while you sleep and get alerted to important information automatically.


Learn how to create powerful bots that can automatically act on your behalf.

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Learn from an experienced software engineer

Hi, I’m Steven! I’m excited to teach you how to automate anything online.

I started automating things long ago when I landed my first tech job at a tech startup in California – way back in 2007. I’ve been automating things ever since.

I’m a software engineer who has a passion for automation and helping others, from landing a new big job to profiting or merely making life a bit easier.

I can’t wait to hear what you’ve automated after learning from this course!

Steven Irby

This course is still actively being worked on and developed. Preview the “Moving real-life Zapier Zaps over to n8n” section for free. The final course might change, and likely I will add more.



Knowledge of HTML/CSS (not 100% required)

Knowledge of how web APIs work

Knowledge of how to setup self-hosted apps (if you don't want to pay for services)


3 lessons

The course introduction.
Introduction to your instructor Steven. Why he thinks mastering automation is vital in today's work climate. What he hopes you get out of the course.
Who is this course is for?
Explain who this course for.
How this course is laid out
How this course is laid out and why.

How Huginn works

23 lessons

In this section of the course, learn how to use Huginn one agent at a time. We’ll go through all of the main agents in Huginn and how to use them with real-life examples. Plus tricks and tools to help you get the most out of this powerful tool.
Introduction and general walk-through to Huginn
First, a quick walkthrough of the entire app so you can see the basic concepts of how Huginn works.
Website Agent: introduction
Learn the ins and outs of the Website Agent. This agent is likely the one you'll use the most. See real examples and learn about the various options.
Website Agent: fetching JSON
Part two of the website agent lesson. Learn how to fetch and consume JSON as most web apps and online tools do. Learn why using JSON is the best and easiest way to use the website agent.
Website Agent: fetching HTML
Part three of the website agent lesson. Learn how to fetch and consume raw HTML. Learn when and how you should use this method.
Website Agent: fetching and dealing with text
Part four of the website agent lesson. How to fetch and consume text and learn why you might want to do it this way instead.
Website Agent: dealing with issues that will arise
The final lesson about the website agent. Summarize what you learned and learn what issues you'll likely encounter using this agent and how to deal with them.
Event Formatting Agent: introduction
Learn about the Event Formatting Agent, and while you'll likely need to use this agent every time you fetch data with Huginn.
Event Formatting Agent: add or re fields and clean up the data
Part two of the Event Formatting Agent lesson. See the Event Formatting Agent in action, and let's massage some data together using real-life examples.
Trigger Agent: using the trigger agent
Learn how and why to use the Trigger Agent to trigger the rest of your agents.
Email Digest Agent: using the email agent for notifications
Learn how to use Email Digest Agent so you can be alerted to things via email.
Email Digest Agent: some tips on getting this working on your server.
Part two of the Email Digest Agent lesson. Learn some tips on how actually to set this up on your server.
Manual Event Agent: using manual agent to test agents
Learn how to test all your new agents with the Manual Event Agent. Also, learn why you would need this agent vs. just doing a dry run test.
Jq Agent: introduction to the jq agent
Learn how to use the Jq Agent to supercharge your data massaging. See some excellent tools and tricks for using this agent.
Jq Agent: using the jq agent
Part two of the Jq Agent lesson. See the agent in action formatting data exactly how you need it.
Data Output Agent: introduction
Learn about the Data Output Agent and how you can use it to create a custom JSON endpoint, an RSS feed, to even a custom website or dashboard.
Data Output Agent: using the output agent for JSON and XML
Learn about the Data Output Agent and how you can use it to create a custom JSON endpoint, an RSS feed, to even a custom website or dashboard.
De-duplication Agent: using the dedupe agent for clearer data
Learn how to and why to use the De-duplication Agent, so your data stays clean.
Webhook Agent: using the webhook agent
Learn how to use the powerful Webhook Agent so you can use Huginn with many other tools and apps online.
Post Agent: using the post agent
Learn how to use the Post Agent so you can send your data somewhere else outside of Huginn.
Liquid Output Agent: using the liquid agent for data formatting
Learn how to use Huginn with the Liquid Output Agent. See several tricks and tips for using this powerful templating language in and out of Huginn.
HttpStatus Agent: using the status agent to watch endpoints and websites
Learn how to use the HttpStatus Agent so you can watch websites and even create your own status website.
Summary of using Huginn
Wrap up everything you learned about how to use Huginn. Learn what to do next.
Bonus: Zapier Bridge Agent: interacting with zapier
As a bonus, learn how to bridge Huginn with the powerful commercial tool Zapier.

Using n8n

10 lessons

Learn what n8n is and how you can run this yourself or use the cloud version. Learn why you probably want to use this in tandem with Huginn and other tools.

Let’s take a deep dive into the various nodes and see how to use this powerful tool with real-life examples.

Introduction: a powerful alternative to Zapier and IFTTT
Introduction to the n8n. How it works compared to Huginn and when to use it over Huginn.
Using webhooks for creating powerful endpoints
Learn how to use the powerful webhook node to create robust and powerful endpoints.
Execute Command on server to run a scripts
Learn how to use the Execute Command node so you can run commands on the server to superpower n8n.
IF node: using this to create paths
Learn how to add basic logic to your workflows with the IF node.
Function node: how to use this powerful node
Learn how to create different paths through your workflow with the Switch node.
Switch node: control data flows
Learn how to add advanced logic to your workflows with the Function node.
Extract HTML node: extract and parse HTML
Learn how to fetch and read an HTML page with the Extract HTML node.
Merge node: merge data together
Learn how to merge data from your workflow with the Merge node.
Set Node: how to set nodes
Learn how to use sets to massage data into a usable format for other nodes.
Cron Trigger node: run actions at an timed interval
Learn how to trigger workflows on a regular schedule with the Cron Trigger node.

Using RSS Feeds

3 lessons

Using RSS feeds is a no brainer when it comes to automation. RSS feeds, which stand for Really Simple Syndication, use a standard file format called XML. They’re commonly used throughout the web to allow people to subscribe to “feeds” so you can know when new content is added.

It’s much easier to deal with data packed in a friendly format such as JSON or as an XML feed. Learn how to build RSS feeds with several tools that do the scraping and data wrangling part for you.

Introduction: How I use rss-bridge and why it's an important tool
Learn about a great free tool (rss-bridge) that takes a lot of pain out of using many popular websites. This tool allows you to make RSS feeds (or JSON) from many sites.
Setting it up: whitelists, authentication, and more
Part two of the rss-bridge lesson. Learn how to set up the tool and create RSS (or JSON) feeds from some of the worlds most popular sites.
Using the bridges and integrating with Huginn or n8n
Part three of the rss-bridge lesson. Learn how to use bridges after setting them up and things to watch out for when using this tool.

Tying it all together

3 lessons

You’ve learned how to use Huginn, n8n and RSS feeds; now, let’s tie it all together with some examples.
Powerful real life examples
See how I use all these tools in my daily life and workflows for my various projects. Take a sneak peek into how I'll use these tools for marketing this course!
Setup watchers to scan the world while you sleep
See how I and others use Huginn to watch the internet while they sleep. Real examples you can use for profit and fun.
Show all examples working together
See some crazy examples of all these tools working together for some complex workflows.

Deploying it all

3 lessons

You see the power of automating your life, but how the hell do you use all these tools yourself? I’ll show you how you can deploy all these tools yourself with little to no code.
Using docker to manage and deploy it all
Learn how to use docker to deploy all these tools on a real server or locally at your house.
Going it alone with just stand alone services on a server
Learn how to deploy some of these services on a dedicated server.
Other alternatives
Learn about other alternatives you can use to automate both for free and paid tools.

Moving real life Zapier Zaps over to n8n

4 lessons

Watch me move over a complicated workflow I use from Zapier to n8n.
Introduction to what I'm going to move over.
Setting up a webhook and integrating into Trello
Watch me get my n8n workflow set up with a webhook and integrating Trello.
Making external HTTP requests
Watch as I have my workflow make calls to another service.
Integrating with Google and adding rows in a Google Sheet
Watch as I wrap up the workflow and integrate with Google to add rows in a Google Sheet.

Course Summary

1 lessons

Summary of the course.
Overview of everything learned
A full overview of everything you learned in this course.

Bonus: more tools and tricks of the trade

7 lessons

Learn the tricks of the trade with this bonus section. I’ll go over advanced methods for scraping and automation. I’ll go over things you should watch out for and the next steps.
Introduction to the tough world of web-scrapping
An overview of web scrapping to help further your automation. An overview of web scrapping to help further your automation. Also, the challenges you might face if you do a lot of scrapping.
Finding secret endpoints to pull data from
I'll show you how to find data to endpoints to use to make life easier for you.
Using proxies services to pull data from around the world
More in-depth review of proxies and tools, so you don't get blocked.
Using puppeteer, selenium, JS libraries, etc for using headless automation
A look at powerful tools to add to your automation toolbelt: puppeteer, selenium, a few JavaScript libraries, and general headless browsers.
Command and control of Huginn agents
Learn how to control your Huginn agents programmatically.
Telegram and slack bots Telegram and slack bots
Learn the basics of how to create telegram bots and integrate with them..
Using AI machine learning to help you automate Using AI machine learning to help you automate
A primer lesson on using AI/machine learning and adding it to your automation system.

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